Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Perfect Outfit - For an Interview

With all my science rambling you might think this topic is a little out of place, but I believe, no matter how wrong it is, people do asses you by how you look.  Creating a powerful outfit can be really easy and only needs a few elements.  With interviews, first impressions can be crucial, so you want to impress from the start.

The formality of the outfit is determined by the type of interview.  Interviews for a retail job versus a college interview won't need to be as formal, but wearing somewhat conservative clothing is always preferable.  It is also important to express yourself in your outfit to set you apart from others and adds a personal touch. Clothing and accessories can often be good segways into conversation and relating to the individual who is interviewing you.  Likewise you can use others accessories to break the ice by saying something like "I love your necklace!"  This not only brings a personal touch, but it often makes the individual more comfortable around you and creates a familiarity that will help them remember you over others.

Whenever you do an interview you are competing against others to stand out to the person interviewing you, and many times being memorable is a determining factor in whether or not someone selects you specially among other interviewees. An attractive, well put together outfit can be that extra ingredient that makes it just right.  A good, clean, conservative outfit incorporates a few flattering accessories, while not overdoing it. Some of the best advice you can give on putting together an outfit is less is more.  If your outfit is busy, you want to minimize accessories.  When you are wearing something a little more plain, mix it up with some flashy accessories.  For example, a simple blue sun dress can be bedazzled by adding a pretty gold seashell necklace and some blue and gold bangles, with a pair of black sandals. You can take something that would normally not stand out and make it your own.  The perfect outfit is out there, just remember to keep it clean and crisp for interviews, while still adding your special touch!

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