Monday, May 4, 2015

Smily360 Randoms Review - "Let's Get Random!"

"Let's Get Random" - My Wonka's Random's Candy Review

I got these wonderfully inventive and creative candies to try for free from one of my favorite product testing sites, Smiley360! These candies come in 70 completely random shapes, 7 different flavors and 3 different gummy textures! Each bite is full of flavor and almost always a little different, making this one of the most involved candy experiences I have ever had.  Wonka's Randoms are made with real fruit juice.  With that and all the variety, each bite is entertaining and delicious, and although I never got my desired shape, a foot, I now find Wonka's Randoms to be one of my favorite gummy candies!  #Getrandoms

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