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January Ipsy Glam Bag Review

January Ipsy Glam Bag Review
This months Glam Bag was one of my favorites so far.  For me, it was all about the eyes.  Every Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber received a Pacifica Eyeshadow in either Ethereal or Treasure.  The items in this bag seemed to be great quality and I really was surprised that I liked every single item I received.

1. Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Excite(Sort of Full Size)
   Probably my favorite items from this month, those who received one of these in their bag were given one of three colors, Excite, Celebration, and Whesek.  This shimmer powder has a lot of pigment and of course sparkles!  In my bag I was given Excite(a white powder) and fell in love right away.  This powder is very pigmented, so you only need a small amount.  Since I received the white shimmer powder I can use it as a highlighter for my eyes or as an overall shadow.  Though it makes a beautiful highlighter, I prefer to use it as an overall shadow.  Combined with a glitter eyeliner, my eyelids look like they have little diamonds all over them. The most common complaint on the Shimmer Powder page was that this powder was TOO pigmented, so if you are worried about that it is best to apply a tiny amount.  Also, to prevent fallout, wet your shadow brush before you apply the shimmer powder. The size I received has the same amount as the full size, but the container was not in the same type you would get if you went and bought it.  So it is sort of full size, which is nice as the full size is around $15.00.

2. Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush(Full Size)
   I always love getting makeup tools, and this brush was a wonderful addition to my Glam Bag.  The bristles are so soft and really provide a good brush for a lot of different eyeshadow ideas.  It is small enough that you can get more precise as well as all over coverage.  Also, it's pink and thats always an added bonus.  This brush was perfect for the Bellapierre Shimmer powder I received.  A few Ipsters on the Elizabeth Mott Eye Brush page were not thrilled about getting another brush, as they got a different one last month.  Personally, I think you can never have enough brushes so this was no problem for me.

3. Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm(Full Size)
This lip balm has an amazing smell and really left my lips feeling soft and smooth.  I have been using it daily since I got it and will be very sad when I run out.  Many people on the Mojito Lip Balm page really loved the smell as well.  For anyone with really dry or chapped lips I would recommend this!

4. Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream
   Last month this was also a possible sample you could receive from your Glam Bag, but sadly I missed out on it.  Luckily, this month it was available again and I was fortunate enough to be sent one in my Glam Bag. I am ill a lot of the time, so my eyes often look tired and have dark circles under them and this cream seems to help reduce both.  Some people on the Renewing Eye Cream page, and seemed to see more results than others, and I have personally used other, better eye creams.  Though this does help, it may not be my first choice of an eye cream.  

5. Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow(full size)
   Every Ipsy subscriber received a Pacifica eyeshadow in either treasure(above) or Ethereal.  I was given the shade treasure and LOVE it.  This eyeshadow has a lot of pigment, and stays on all day when applied with a wet eyeshadow brush.  The shade, treasure, comes out as a metallic tone and even has a little bit of shimmer!  This is a really good get up and go eyeshadow when you don't feel like spending a lot of time on your makeup.  Some subscribers on the Pacifica Ipsy page were not fond of the other shade, Ethereal. While some were able to use it as a highlighter, others said it was almost too pale and was more of an off white than white.  As I received the shadow in treasure, I can not give much of an opinion on the shade Ethereal. Personally, I was thrilled when I saw I had received Treasure, as I was a little concerned that Ethereal would be a little too neutral. I loved this brand of eyeshadow and would recommend it to anyone needing a nicely pigmented eye shadow.

One of my favorite Ipsy bags so far, I look forward to what is to come in the new year.  High quality product, sparkles, and full size samples?  What more do you need?

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