Monday, July 20, 2015

Launch Of My New Chronic Illness Beauty Blog


I am officially launch my new blog devoted to helping those with chronic illnesses deal with some of the unique problems that come with having a condition in the field of beauty and fashion.  From gaining and losing weight constantly because of steroids, to what skin care is best, I hope this blog will be a place to share knowledge and experiences with what makes everyone feel beautiful!

I wanted to get this up earlier, but today has been a difficult day illness wise, BUT here it is!  I also plan on doing some sort of giveaway soon as I get a lot of extra beauty items from all of my subscriptions so I would love to give some stuff out that way soon.

I will be posting more and more and desperately want people's input, ideas, experiences, and tips you think could help others!  I want this blog to be a place everyone can come and get advice and input their own advice!  Hope everyone likes it! (Also, please share if you know any other good support groups or anything like that.  Would love help spreading the word! :P