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NOTE: Posts the last few months have been fewer than I would like.  Now that things are settling down...somewhat, I now have more time to write as well as post more frequent updates about the Etsy shop, as well as interesting articles.

Welcome to EvenstarVS!  Here you can find updates about the EvenstarVS shop as well as other random writings.  I have many interest and passions and try to find ways to make the world a better, more interesting place.

Picture: Arwen Sodan 2014
Arwen Sodan(Main Contributor):
"Hello, my name is Arwen Sodan and I decided to start this blog in June of 2014.  Most of what I plan on contributing to this blog are random thoughts, ideas, and opinions.  I am 24 and spend a lot of time at home and on the computer due to medical issues.  I love writing, reading and art among many other things.  Comments, suggestions, and ideas are encouraged and loved!

I also run an Etsy shop devoted to making quality jewelry as well as beautiful polymer clay creations!  Art is one of my passions and I try to incorporate that into every aspect of my life. 

 I reside in Virginia with my husband Andrew Garcia."

Picture: Arwen Sodan and Andrew Garcia at their wedding, September 22 2012.
Andrew Garcia(Editor/Contributor):
Coming Soon!

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