Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Ipsy Glam Bag Review

November Ipsy Glam Bag Review:

This months glam bag was glitter themed, though not many of the items were that sparkly.  All in all I found this months bag a success.  The makeup bag was cute, though not my favorite. 

1. Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive
By far my favorite product this month, this eye base looks amazing, even on its own!  This was one of the few sparkly items from the glam bag this month.  It also is a good size and will last me for awhile.

2. Elizabeth Mott You're so Fine Eyeliner in Glitterati
My second favorite item from this months glam bag!  I have very sensitive eyes, so eyeliners can be a little difficult for me to use.  This liquid one is great for your eyelid and makes a stunning cat eye.  The size is nice and I am sure I will be buying this brand when I run out.

3. J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion
I liked this though it was a little hard apply.  The color lasted a long time and the size is a good amount.

4. Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder + Mini Fan Brush
Probably my least favorite item from this month.  I don't wear a lot of foundation so though this is nice to have when I do wear it, I doubt I will use this a lot.  It did its job well, though the size of the sample is small and the brush does not really work very well when trying to apply the powder.

5. Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray
I was really excited to get this to use with the Beach spray I got a few glam bags back.  The smell is amazing and the size is perfect to throw in your purse for use on the go.  It also made my hair look very shiny and healthy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn Jewelry Sale in the Etsy Shop!


Until November 17th all autumn and Halloween themed jewelry in the Etsy shop shop will be on sale!  Many beautiful pieces have been discounted so now is the time to buy!!

One of my favorite of the pieces on sale!

November Ipsy BAG! (Review coming SOON!)

Just got this months Ipsy Glam Bag!  This month is all about sparkles, and I am so excited to try everything out!!  Review coming soon!

This month I got eyeliner, eye base, finishing powder, hair spray, and lip paint!  Sadly I forgot to take a picture with the hair spray. :P

Polymer Clay Hair Accessories!

So, recently I started making some polymer clay hair accessories for cosplay, costumes, or just to add a little something to your outfit!

I am working on some more crowns, holiday/Christmas pieces, AND cat ears. :P

After I do a few of those I plan on doing a few cosplay character pieces!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Fermi Paradox and the End of all Intelligent Life

Since the beginning, humans have always looked up and wondered.  They wondered what was up there, and as our knowledge of the Universe grew we began to wonder who might be up above.  What other creatures roam our universe, and do they look up and wonder as we do?  Is it truly possible that we are alone even with the over 300 billion stars that inhabit our galaxy, and the over 100 billion galaxies that fill our universe?

Once we started wondering those things, we started searching for any signs of life outside of Earth, and since then no proof of alien life has been found. In 1950, Enrico Fermi, a physicist, had an informal discussion where he questioned why, with all the billions of stars in our galaxy alone, we have been unable to find any evidence of intelligent alien life.(*)  Intelligent life would be the most likely for us to be able to detect, since the idea is that they would have and understand similar technology like radio signals and probes.  It is also theorized that the possibility of far more advance intellegent life should be high because many stars and planets have been around far longer than Earth, giving them far more time to evolve than us. Also, if there is intelligent life, it should go on to colonize the galaxy, just as we continue to push farther and farther toward exploring the galaxy.

The Fermi Paradox is the idea that since we have been unable to detect any alien life, and there is no evidence that our galaxy has been colonized in any way, there must be something that destroys 100% of all intelligent life before it gains the ability to go on to colonize and explore the galaxy and ultimately the universe.  Many people ponder what this destructive force may be.  Will we be our own worst enemy and destroy ourselves with our own technology? Perhaps our demise will come in the form of a massive asteroid.  Whatever the cause, all intelligent life must be destroyed, as it would go on to colonize the galaxy and no evidence of this has been found.

This paradox is fascinating to me, and I have spent some time discussing it with my husband, Andrew. Though the idea of a massive destructive force that destroys all intelligent life is interesting, I did have a few thoughts concerning the likelihood of this.  There are so many factors at play in the universe that we only understand that we don't understand most things.  Our knowledge of the universe is limited and what we do know about physics breaks down on the quantum level, demonstrating that some essential information about our universe is still being put together.  Because of this, one major flaw in the Fermi Paradox is the assumption that if other intelligent life in our galaxy exists it would be using technology similar to us.  It is very possible that any technology being used by intelligent life is far beyond any that we understand.  On a universal scale, humans have only been around for a microscopic amount of time.  Given a few hundred million years, or even a few billion, the technology of the day would be far more advanced than ours and possibly undetectable with our current level of technology.

Something else I thought about is that the Fermi Paradox makes the assumption that intelligent life is something that can happen on any planet in a habitable zone with enough time.  Perhaps Earth is lucky, and intelligent life is actually far rarer than we like to assume.  We have only catalogued about 2 million species on Earth currently, and it is estimated that there are 8.7 million species in total on Earth today.(*)  The amount of species that have ever existed on Earth is immeasurable and massive, and from what we know we are the only technologically advanced species.  Think how many species had to come along before we evolved into the intelligent life we are today.  If the evolution of intelligent and technologically advanced life is rarer than we like to speculate, it is possible humans are the first in this galaxy, or are one of the first to evolve.  It is very possible that there are components to intelligent life that are much more complicated than we care to admit, and that our understanding of the human body and mind is still extremely limited. What other factors have to be in play for intelligent life to have room to evolve?

Something I have noticed about many science authorities and historians, is that they have the tendency to underestimate the human race.  Although this is somewhat related to my previous point about the possibility that intelligent life is a very rare occurrence, I think it needs to be pointed out the there is the possibility that humans are a unique occurrence.  I personally believe this is far less likely, and intelligent life does exist out there.  None the less, there is that possibility that humans are, in fact, unique.  Perhaps our thirst for knowledge, and our tendency to always ask why, are something that requires a factor we do not understand. Humans have an ingrained curiosity for everything.  We ask how at every turn, and more importantly we are desperate to know why.  When you look back at the marvels of the world, like Stonehenge, we only have flimsy theories as to how they were created.  Since the beginning of our existence, our posterity have underestimated their ancestors, only proving to us more that what we think humans are capable of are just the beginning.

Perhaps there will come a time when humanity faces the Fermi Paradox and we will never get to truly explore the stars, but I like to think that one day we may encounter alien intelligent life and find them to be much like us, doubting their own abilities, wondering what amazing miracles exist in this beautiful expanse that we call the universe.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

August Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Ipsy August Glam Bag Review

Credit: Ipsy

Here is my Ipsy review!  The bag was adorable and will make a great make-up bag!

Eyeshadow by Coastal Scents:
I really loved this eyeshadow.  The brown adds a very rich color and when highlighted with the white and light brown and gives a nice dark eye.

Mongongo Lip Conditioner by Jersey Shore Sun:
By far my favorite item this month!  This lip conditioner smells amazing and really moisturize your lips!  It was really nice to get a full size in this and I use it all the time!

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk by Klorane:
I have never used a dry shampoo and was a bit skeptical, but this product works pretty well!  If you just need to get up and go and don't have the time for a shower this product is great, though I honestly don't use it a ton.

Sheer Glo by Mana Kadar Cosmetics:
This product adds a nice, subtle, sheer glo that looks like natural radiance.  I use this whenever I apply makeup and it really adds something a little extra.  You can use it with your foundation or face cream as well!

24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay:
My second favorite item this month, and almost full size sample, is this Eye Pencil!  I really have wanted to work with a smoky eye with black and purple eyeshadow and this eyeliner looks great when trying a smokey eye look.  It also is waterproof and stays on very well!  Also, being almost full size, there is plenty to use for future looks!

Thank you so much for reading through my review!  Once I receive my September bag, I will be sure to post a review faster than August's.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sodan Custom Designs Birthday Gift Review

My birthday was back in June, and about a week ago my Mother gave me a late birthday present!  She asked my cousin, who works with his wife and recently started making beautiful decorative lighted bottles, to make me a custom decorative bottle.  I have to say, these bottles are beautiful.  My mother wanted one made with a moon and stars etched and painted on.  The lights used to illuminate the bottle are white christmas lights, and the glass is blue, making it look like a starry night.

Not lighted

With Lights

These beautiful creations can be found at Sodan Custom Designs!  They have already made ones, as well as are able to do custom designs.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Highlight: Dark Energy and the Virus

Daily Highlight: Dark Energy and the Virus

Credit: NASA

So, I often have moments where I am sitting just thinking about things, and while doing this I noticed something about the idea of dark energy and viruses.  Dark Energy is a hypothetical form of energy that is continuing to accelerate and expand the universe at faster and faster rates. *  It seems to grow larger the greater the amount of dark energy.  Now if you look at the universe in the organic way, you start to see the similarities between the way bacteria and viruses work. The more you have of a bacteria the faster it can grow, because there are simply more bacteria to produce and replicate itself.  After noticing this, I began entertaining the idea that perhaps dark energy is the equivalent to a virus or bacteria infecting the universe.  If we look at the universe is an organic being, than perhaps we will be able to understand concepts and theories, like dark energy, in greater detail.  What do you think?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Get Tough Stains Out of Fabric Purses

Recently, I was at the hospital and when they took my IV out as I was leaving, I started bleeding quite a bit without noticing.  As I was leaving someone stopped me and I noticed my beautiful Brighton purse was covered in blood.  I was devastated and thought that it was ruined.  I did some research and nothing very helpful or convincing came up while searching online.  The one product that has been the most helpful in the past with stains is Oxiclean. I decided to go to the store and see what different Oxiclean products there were.

After looking around, I found the closest thing to what I thought might work, although hope was almost gone for my purse.  I decided on Oxiclean Max Force.  The directions say to spray it on and let it sit for 5 minutes to 7 days, and not wanting to take any chances I decided on letting it sit for 7 days.  I also made sure to spray it every so often throughout the day for all 7 days.  Once the 7 days was up, I took some Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover powder and added it to a bowl of warm water.  I used about a tablespoon for an average cereal sized bowl.  After mixing the water and powder together I started scrubbing my purse in circular motions and after a few minutes the stain just started coming out quite quickly. After I had gotten pretty much all of the stain out I took a hair dryer and dried it until it was just slightly damp, as I was to tired to do it more, and let the rest dry overnight.  Now, my purse looks cleaner on the side with the blood stain than the side that was unaffected!  This is a great way to clean your purse or clean out stains!

What you need:
  • Oxiclean Max Force
  • Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover
  • Warm Water

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Instep Jewelry!

Ellie and Eowyn, my sisters, helped make a name for what to call the foot jewelry and we decided on Instep Jewelry, so basically jewelry for your Instep.  The Instep is part of your foot, and where our jewelry decorates.  Enjoy!

Flower Power!

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop! 

Daily Highlight: Different Dimensions and the Frequency of Energy

Daily Highlight: Different Dimensions and the Frequency of Energy

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
- Einstein, Credit HERE!

I saw this quote a few days ago and it got me thinking about alternate realities and how everything in our universe is energy at the basic level.  When we look at what makes up the smallest building blocks of life, we see energy, and all energy has a frequency.  If we change that frequency it is possible that our existence in this reality would cease, and we would be in an alternate dimension. I started thinking that if we were able to detect different energy frequencies from different dimension, we could theoretically influence our energy to a different frequency and transfer to another dimension. This quote also affirms the idea that we are all, on the basic level, part of the energy of the universe, and if it is possible to detect different energy frequencies, it may be possible to influence the energy in our own dimension to alter and potentially rewrite aspects of our universe.  Different dimensions open a world of wonder and possibility and I think they could be the key to understanding and obtaining a unifying theory of the universe. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Started Making 3 Piece Sets!

Little Black Anklet

I started making 3 piece sets!  These include a footpiece/barefoot sandal, an anklet, and a toe ring!  They are priced at $15.00.  I think my picture taking is also slowly getting better!

I decided to call this one Little Black Anklet, inspired by the Little Black Dress idea.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Selling Vintage 1960's Hat

I put this Smartwear Irving Saks from Roanoke, VA, wool hat up for sale on Etsy!  It is from the 1960's and comes with the original box and receipt!  In new condition.

Irving Saks, Roanoke VA Wool Hat

July Ipsy Glam Bag Review!

Ipsy July Glam Bag Review

Today I received my first ipsy glam bag!  These are bags you subscribe to receive in the mail for $10.00 a month and you receive $35.00+ value in samples.  There are a variety of items you can receive, 21 this month I believe, and you receive items that are picked out based on a profile you fill out earlier.  My Glam Bag contained:
  • Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray
  • Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08
  • Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer
  • Pixi Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm
  • Bareminerals 5-in-1 BB Advance Performance Cream Eyeshadow 
  • Pink Ipsy Pouch
The tanning oil I won't use, so won't be reviewing that.  I have to say my favorite item this month is the beach spray!  Now here is the review!

Soy Renewal Beach Spray
This stuff is amazing.  I decided to try it after getting out of the shower.  I blew dry my hair until it was just damp, and sprayed this all over.  I continued drying with a diffuser attached to my hair dryer, as that was what was recommended, until it was mostly dry.  The end result was wavy, beachy hair that truly looks like you just went to the beach.  It gives a sexy look, and smells very good.  If you are looking to get that beachy look this is the product for you!

Sunkissed Bronzer
Though I don't use a ton of bronzer, this one was nice and subtle. It gives your face a healthy glow and goes on nice and smooth.  Though not my favorite bronzer, this one will definitely be used.  If you are looking for a nice bronzer I would recommend this.

Brilliance Balm
This balm adds a nice pink hue to your lips, and is subtle.  It glides on smooth and is very easy to put on because of the pointed tip.  A pretty balm that great for summer occasions.

5-in-1 Cream Eyeshadow
This was a little dark at first, so if you have fair skin only use a little bit.  It adds a nice hue to your eyes and can be worn with eyeshadow over it.  It also brightens your eyes and has an SPF.  I personally would have gone a little lighter, but still a fun item.

And as for the bag, it is adorable!  I love the texture of it, and of course I love that it's pink! 

My glam bag!

Mr. Nobody Review

Last night, Andrew and I watched the movie Mr. Nobody and LOVED it.  A very artsy film, it delivers a compelling plot that has surprises at every turn.  The story follows the story of the last mortal on Earth. Humanity has progressed to the point where death from old age no longer exists. It is filmed in a way that makes you feel as if you are witnessing things in the same way real life plays out, making for a very real and natural watch.

Following the character, Mr. Nobody, the last mortal, you experience the decisions he makes and all their possible outcomes.  Mr. Nobody is able to know the outcomes of every decision he makes before he makes them, and is heartbroken when, as a young boy, he must choose between his mother and his father when they decide to get a divorce.  You see all of his futures for every outcome in every dimension, and the choices he faces.

This story deals with the idea of impossible decisions and how one would face them if the future was known. Mr.Nobody will leave you thinking long after the movie has ended, and makes you question your own existence.  One of the best movies I have watched in a long time, I give Mr. Nobody 5 stars!

Butterfly Lady....

I made another one!

Butterfly Lady Footpiece Anklet

Some more foot Jewelry...

Made this one earlier today.

Monday, July 14, 2014

More Jewelry....

I made two more pieces!

Treasure of the Tomb

Summer Ladybug

Later today I will be doing some more post, not jewelry related though.  I also am going to be working on being more consistent with the Daily Highlights, though illness has made it a little more difficult these past few days.

My goal for my etsy shop is to get about 10 items in it by the end of the week, so wish me luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

And Another....

Yep, I made another footpiece!  This one is double stranded this time, and I think it is my favorite so far.  I also think the pictures are getting better.

I am almost out of small butterfly beads now!  I feel so crafty today. :P

Find this item for sale at: EvenstarVS Etsy Shop

The Next One....

I made another footpiece, as I am going to call them.  Like a head piece for your foot. :P  I am currently pricing the butterfly ones at $10.00 a piece.  I have no idea what international rates would be, so for now I am just shipping in the United States.  I may change that if there is any international interest.

On the way home from the craft store yesterday I thought of a lot of ideas for more, including an egyptian one I am looking forward to making.  Tomorrow Andrew and I are going back because I realized I don't have the proper type of box for storing beads, making them a little tedious to work with.  I really enjoy making them, though I need to work on my picture taking. :P

Find this at my: Etsy Shop

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Foot Jewelry Project

I decided to work on making some jewelry today.  I love foot jewelry so I thought I would make an anklet like piece, and even decided to start an Etsy shop. I am currently working on adding some more and have pink, green, and white beads with the silver butterfly beads for accents.  A ladybug one would be adorable as well, so I am sure I will be going out to get more supplies in the future.  Hope you all like the finished product!

Here is my Etsy shop - EvenstarVS

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Highlight: What did the early Universe look like?

Credit: Wikipedia

As with all science, there is still much we do not know and what we do know is always changing and adapting to new information, but our picture of the early universe is amazing.  In the very beginning, some sort of gigantic expansion that traveled faster than the speed of light created our universe, the Big Bang. What was left was a mass of superheated gas and galactic dust.  Once the universe cooled some is when things really start to get going.

One idea is that in the beginning there were super massive structures that formed.  These structures would have been light years across, eventually seeding the way for galaxies once these super massive structures exploded.  I often wonder if perhaps those same structures were what also created the super massive black holes that can be found at the center of almost every galaxy.  It has been thought that super massive black holes are various smaller black holes that combined during the time when stars were much more massive, but not as massive as the super massive structures, and exploding in supernova constantly.  This created many smaller black holes that are believed to have combined together to make super massive black holes. Recently, some have thought that super massive black holes may actually be related to those super massive structures.

You can even see the earliest galaxies in the Hubble deep field picture that look like giant structures. I can not help but wonder if perhaps those are actually just massive structures and not galaxies. One lies over 13 billion light years away, at the very beginning of when the universe was cool enough to start creating stars, planets, and the other amazing structures in our universe.  Because they are so far away, our current technology can only see them as blobs of light, making it impossible to see more than the most basic form.

I often think that those super massive structures are actually the seeds of the galaxies.  Once they burn out, they explode all that matter outward, leaving a super massive black hole at the center, and over time all that exploded gas and dust came together to make stars and planets. That is how I believe the early universe may have looked.

Orange is the New Black Review

My husband Andrew and I recently started watching the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black. We had heard that it was good, and I have to say it is now one of my favorite shows.  It is definitely an adult show, as much of the content is very explicit.  Orange is the New Black follows a woman who got caught up in an international drug ring and gets sent to jail after being caught.  As it develops the show broadens and you come to know the many insane characters that inhabit the prison.

The show also brings to light the many issues that face our prison systems today. Though the fact remains that they are criminals, there are a variety of reasons why people go to prison, and much of our justice system is flawed, sending many to jail who may not deserve it.  As with much of the government, the prison systems are often handled in very ineffective ways and thought I am sure the show over dramatises situations as most, if not all, shows do, it does draw attention to the flaws in our system.

Orange is the New Black also has a lot of humor at the same times as having highly dramatic moments. Many times it keeps you on the edge of your seat with tension as you watch the many situations play out, and as the the different characters develop you come to love as well as hate each one with special conviction. There are characters who are truly detestable and evil, but with every character on the show the situation goes deeper than originally thought, and though you may not feel sympathy, you do begin to reflect and understand their train of thoughts.  At the same time, there are many characters you do love, each with their own wacky personalities.

Though Orange is the New Black is an adult show, I highly recommend it.  With its crazy situation and quirky characters this show will leave you wanting more.  With Netflix losing more and more of its good content its clear that the way they will survive as a company in the long term is by producing more amazing original series, like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Review: Age of X - Gameboard of the Gods

Credit: Here! 
Also click there to find out more about Richelle Mead and her many books.

One of my favorite authors is Richelle Mead, who is also the best selling author of the Vampire Academy book series. Mead writes a lot of young adult books, but also has a range of more adult books, like her Age of X series. I finished the first book in this series, Gameboard of the Gods, a while back and loved it.  The story takes place in a future world where technology has advanced quite a bit in computing and genetic science, and everyone in the country of RUNA, the Republic of United North America, is tracked and monitored by an implanted chip.

In RUNA, the story follows the characters Justin March and Mea Koskinen.  These two characters are thrust together to find the individual responsible for the recent string of criminal acts that seem almost supernatural.  With their world completely rejecting religion and all things supernatural, Justin is the only one with the experience to capture the criminal. He soon finds himself wrapped in a battle between Gods as they try fill the vacuum of religion in RUNA, and claim their place as the "top God".  He also soon finds out that one such God is especially interested in him, and can no longer ignore the world of Gods.

This series has a lot of interesting factors, especially when you find out which God is interested in Justin, though those who know a bit about religious studies may be able to determine who this is much earlier on by the many religious symbols and characters placed throughout the story .  Mead does an amazing job, as in many of her other books, incorporating many different mythological and religious symbolisms that are important to those religions, really making for an educated read.  I recently started the second book, The Immortal Crown and love everything about this series so far.

Mead does many other books, but I have to say the Age of X series has a really modern feel and seems like something that could happen in the not too distant future.  In most of her books, if not all, she invokes thought and reflection on the troubles that plague our societies today and bring to attention the many ways technology and our continuing rejection of religion could affect our society as a whole.  I recommend this for anyone looking for a book that will leave you thinking about it long after the book is over.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Daily Highlight: Kevin Murphy Hair Products

Credit: Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Hair Products
Today's random highlight is my favorite line of hair products, the Kevin Murphy line.  These products smell amazing and improve your hairs' health significantly.  I have very long hair, so keeping it healthy can be difficult, but the Kevin Murphy products help repair and maintain healthy hair.  They have a range of product for many different hair types.  I personally use the Born Again Wash, but there are many products from hair sprays to my personal favorite the Shimmer Shine spray, which makes your hairs highlights pop.  These products can be difficult to find stocked, but for more info you can go here!

Abortion. My Lose, Lose Situation.

A Lose, Lose Situation....

I have Crohn's, Takayasu's Arteritis, and a few other medical ailments.  Because of this, I am on a host of very strong medications, including Methotrexate, a medication used for many things including autoimmune issues. Methotrexate is also commonly used, in combination with another drug, for abortions, making it extremely important that my husband and I do not get pregnant.  I take all the precautions, but nothing is 100% effective, except abstinence, and in my belief intimacy is a very important part of a marriage.  It should never be the only bonding you do, but it is very difficult, perhaps impossible, to maintain a healthy marriage without it. Should it happen that I do get pregnant the outcome would be the same for the baby no matter what I did. ( * )

If I go off my medications, both the baby and I most likely would die.  If I am on these medications the baby will die.  Either way the result for the unborn baby would be the same.  For individuals like me, an abortion is a medical necessity if I were to ever get pregnant. Luckily, because my husband and I observe many precautions, I have never had to face that decision, but everyday women are facing this challenge, and have only one option since whatever option they choose is essentially a no win situation.

With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court stating that the 35 feet buffer zone can no longer be in place around clinics, when the Supreme Court itself has a much larger buffer zone against protesters outside the Supreme Court, it is clear that many individuals don't understand many of the circumstances. ( * ) The protesters are now allowed to be even closer to the entrances of abortion clinics, screaming at people who are facing the most difficult decision of their life, many people who have no other choice. I believe abortion should never be used as a form of birth control, and honestly believe very few women use it for that.

Regardless of the circumstances, an abortion is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, decision a woman will ever have to make.  She still knows that there is a life inside her, and her decision is affecting that life. That knowledge is a difficult thing to face, and I doubt many women want to ever be confronted with that decision willingly. It becomes clear to me that many individuals like me exist out there, and face this fear every time they are intimate with the person they love.  They know that no matter how safe they are nothing is 100%. They fear that if ever confronted with that situation they may have to face the mob of angry protesters who have never bothered to take into consideration that no other choice may exist, that it may truly be a lose, lose situation for everyone.

(* = Reference or further reading material.)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simply Cheetos, Simply Delicious! Review.

Credit: Here!
That is also a link to an interesting story on remembering that the word simply can be misleading, though the Simply Cheetos are all natural.

I have Crohns and some other autoimmune issues, so what I eat affects my health a great deal. Growing up, there were not many snack and pre-made food options, making it difficult to have a lot of variety and choice in what was available for me to eat.  Many more foods exist now, with the current healthy food trend driving more and more companies to offer alternative options.  Not only is this a recent healthy food a trend, but many more autoimmune conditions are popping up in first world countries, where in third world environments these conditions are extremely rare or non-existent.  This has made the creation of healthy, all natural food options an essential part of today's grocery selections.

My husband, Andrew, and I recently found a delicious, all natural, gluten-free snack that has been loved by many for years, Cheetos.  Thats right, the most artificial, fake tasting snack loved by Americans now has a natural alternative, and its amazing!  These are actually better than the original Cheetos.  They are made with sea salt, real cheese, and baked to perfection.  Every part of this product is natural.  The sour cream is also all organically made.  They are truly divine.  It is nice to see the increasing options consumers are now given, and the wide range of products now available compared to just 10 years ago.

There is also another Cheetos all natural option, but I don't like those ones as much, and they contain more corn.  Corn is a little harsher on the stomach, though it is nice to see even more options.  Sadly, around where I live they do not stock many at a time and we end up buying them all out.  We get them from Food Lion, and they restock every month and a half or so.  They do still often have the other natural Cheetos, but like I said I don't like them as much.  This is definitely a great product for anyone with digestive issues or just anyone looking to eat a little healthier.