Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Highlight: Dark Energy and the Virus

Daily Highlight: Dark Energy and the Virus

Credit: NASA

So, I often have moments where I am sitting just thinking about things, and while doing this I noticed something about the idea of dark energy and viruses.  Dark Energy is a hypothetical form of energy that is continuing to accelerate and expand the universe at faster and faster rates. *  It seems to grow larger the greater the amount of dark energy.  Now if you look at the universe in the organic way, you start to see the similarities between the way bacteria and viruses work. The more you have of a bacteria the faster it can grow, because there are simply more bacteria to produce and replicate itself.  After noticing this, I began entertaining the idea that perhaps dark energy is the equivalent to a virus or bacteria infecting the universe.  If we look at the universe is an organic being, than perhaps we will be able to understand concepts and theories, like dark energy, in greater detail.  What do you think?

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