Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simply Cheetos, Simply Delicious! Review.

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That is also a link to an interesting story on remembering that the word simply can be misleading, though the Simply Cheetos are all natural.

I have Crohns and some other autoimmune issues, so what I eat affects my health a great deal. Growing up, there were not many snack and pre-made food options, making it difficult to have a lot of variety and choice in what was available for me to eat.  Many more foods exist now, with the current healthy food trend driving more and more companies to offer alternative options.  Not only is this a recent healthy food a trend, but many more autoimmune conditions are popping up in first world countries, where in third world environments these conditions are extremely rare or non-existent.  This has made the creation of healthy, all natural food options an essential part of today's grocery selections.

My husband, Andrew, and I recently found a delicious, all natural, gluten-free snack that has been loved by many for years, Cheetos.  Thats right, the most artificial, fake tasting snack loved by Americans now has a natural alternative, and its amazing!  These are actually better than the original Cheetos.  They are made with sea salt, real cheese, and baked to perfection.  Every part of this product is natural.  The sour cream is also all organically made.  They are truly divine.  It is nice to see the increasing options consumers are now given, and the wide range of products now available compared to just 10 years ago.

There is also another Cheetos all natural option, but I don't like those ones as much, and they contain more corn.  Corn is a little harsher on the stomach, though it is nice to see even more options.  Sadly, around where I live they do not stock many at a time and we end up buying them all out.  We get them from Food Lion, and they restock every month and a half or so.  They do still often have the other natural Cheetos, but like I said I don't like them as much.  This is definitely a great product for anyone with digestive issues or just anyone looking to eat a little healthier.

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