Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Organic Universe

We live in an organic universe.  In a way, we are the universe gaining consciousness. When observing the universe, everything from the smallest to the largest scale is ruled by certain laws of physics.  Now, at the quantum level some of those laws break down but our understanding of that is increasing every day.  The one law that is never broken is the law of attraction, "like attracts like".  This idea is that the universe attracts similar things to each other.  A recent school of thought also believes, as do I, that you attract to yourself what you project.

When you look at the universe you see that nothing in the universe is alone.  Atoms have other atoms, stars have planets and other stars, and galaxies have other galaxies.  If we continue that train of thought, it would stand to reason that our universe is not unique and that, in fact, there are other universes.  This is an idea widely held by many scientist.  As you start to observe the disbursement of galaxies it looks like cellular structures or veins running through a body.  When I see this I can't help but believe the universe is alive.

One of science's greatest faults is not viewing the universe as an organic, living thing just on a much larger scale.  I am not saying that the universe is the inside of some huge organism, just that it is alive and has a consciousness though it may be far beyond human comprehension.

When you view the universe in this way, I think it is fairly obvious that there is a higher level of consciousness and thus some sort of higher power.  What if we are just the universe gaining consciousness of itself and likewise so are all living things, and at different levels of consciousness?  We are just one level of awareness that universe has achieved.  I often think about what it must be like for the stars and their vast time scales.

Science and religion are often forced headlong into battles over which one is more true.  In my opinion both can be.  Both answer different question and deal with different things.  Science explains how things came to be and how they behave, whereas religion deals with what our purpose and place in the universe is.  Until we stop pitting them against each other our understanding of both will remain flawed as will our ability to truly understand our place in the universe.

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