Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrifting Tips

So, since I do a lot of thrifting and shopping in general, I thought I would make a list of some helpful tips!

1. GO through everything!
When at thrift stores, some of the best items are usually hidden or easy to miss. It is important, especially with clothing, to take the time and go through the entire rack.  That same advice applies to purses as well.

2. Inspect everything!
It is also important to look over anything and make sure that the item is still in good condition.  Many thrift stores get items that are new, so it is always a good idea to see what condition the items you are buying are when deciding what you are willing to spend.

3. Know about what you are going to buy.
By knowing information about the things you are looking for, you can make better decisions and identify more valuable things.  Thrift stores are treasure troves, and it takes a little background knowledge to find the real treasures.

4. When buying brand name items know how to identify fakes. 
High quality items, such as designer purses, can often be fakes.  You can tell the real ones from the fakes by the quality.  Designer purses will have identifying marks throughout the whole pures.  Metal pieces will have the brand name on them, and so will the inside of the purse.  Also, with such easy access to the internet, you can look up information on how to identify authentic pieces.

5. Haggle.
Thrift stores are a great place to haggle.  Most thrift stores are more than happy to work out a deal, and sticker prices are negotiable. DON'T overpay!

6. Learn as much as you can.
 My last tip is to research as much as you can.  For example, if you collect tea cups, learn the names of high quality pieces.  Educate yourself.  If you do this you are sure to find some treasures.

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