Friday, June 20, 2014

9, A Review of the 2009 Animated Film

I recently watched the animated film 9, directed by Shane Acker and produced by Tim Burton. Like many of the films Burton has worked on, 9 has a dark plot. Shane Acker is not a director I am familiar with, but he does a wonderful job in creating a touching story of a time after humans and the continuation of intelligent life.

Humanity no longer holds any place on Earth, and has long ago perished in a war against technology.  The only life that remains are 9 creations that are artificially intelligent. The origin of these creations is unknown in the beginning of the story, which follows one of these creations, known only as 9, in his quest to better understand the world and his place in it.

This movie is dark, but also deals with very deep, serious issues and has many touching moments. The only problem is the movie lacks a target audience, and it is probably because of this that I hadn't heard of it until I picked it up in a Walmart $5.00 bin. Because of its dark themes, it is not really geared toward children, but the fact that it is animated may cause it to be passed over by adults, even thought it is actually an enjoyable watch. Its main audience is primarily Tim Burton fans or fans of Tim Burton-like films, such as Coraline.

All in all, this movie is worth a night's watch, and will leave you contemplating some of the many issues expressed in 9, whether or not you watch animation often or not.

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