Friday, June 20, 2014

The Family Business

Today my husband Andrew and I stopped by my parents shop, Sodan Armament, a small, but growing gunsmithing shop. I call it a gunsmithing shop as its speciality is in gunsmithing and not sale, though you can purchase firearms from here as well. I often forget how enjoyable being there is, and always feel in good humor after visiting. This may be because of its inviting and relaxed atmosphere, but it could also be the family enviornment. Whatever it is, I always try to get by there when I am down.

Because of my various medical conditions I am unable to go as often as I would like, but also enjoy working there on the rare occasion that everything is well in the health department. There are always plenty of things to do, and when my Mother is working she can always find some task for me to do. With transfers, cleanings, gun repair, refinishing, bluing, duracoating, paper work, sales, and various other task simultaneously being preformed, help is always appreciated.

As the business expands task become more rutine and things become more efficant. They also updated the cash regester recently, which has helped with organization substantially. Professionalism has always been extreemly important, so maintaining an organized efficant system is top priority for my Mother and Father, though with all small businesses they strive to be better.

I believe growing up and being a part of a family busniess not only makes you stronger as a family, but also teaches many real life application, espically for a child or young adult.  Many of the things learned help to present you with more oppritunities at sucess, no matter what your deffinition of success is.  Being part of a family business teaches you loyalty, business skill, people skill, organization as well as many other, nesseacary for success, traits. Though I was grown when my parents opened Sodan Armament it has been a huge part of my life, and continues to not only influnce me, but all those who take thebtime to step in.

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