Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black Hole, Baby Universe?

Black holes have always been a huge part of science fiction, as well as an object that has entertained the thoughts of innumerable amounts of human beings.  In my belief, they hold the key to understanding the true laws of physics, on every scale. Black holes stretch the very laws of physics and still what we know about them is nothing compared to what we don't know.  Aside from being completely unobservable directly, it is impossible to escape from one once over the horizon line, making them very dangerous, even if we could travel to one.

Many strange ideas and theories surround black holes, and many are just as more likely as the next.  In my view, being that black holes are singularities and the universe was created from a singularity, it is possible they are the same type of singularities, and black holes are actually just baby universes.  Also, with the theory that at some point dark energy will push the galaxies away from each other traveling faster than the speed of light, it may even be possible to think that those black hole singularities may one day have a big bang of their own, as the conditions would be similar to those before the universe began. Once all other matter other than black holes has disintegrated into nothing, we will return to the nothingness from which the universe began.

Perhaps we are just a black hole ourselves that exploded at the end of their universe. Energy and matter, on the most basic scale, are the same thing.  We can turn matter into energy, but not energy into matter...yet. The universe appears to move in the same circular pattern as life.  It lives, it breaths, it creates, it dies.  The more you think about it, the more you can't help but think that the universe is alive.

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