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May 2015 Birchbox Review and Unboxing and Coupon!

Birchbox May 2015 Review and Unboxing
Cupcakes and Cashmere

This months Birchbox's curator is Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, on the wings of her new book, Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home.  This months box is beautiful and has a nice clean, elegant look, and like all Birchboxes has wonderful packaging.  Each box comes with a card detailing all the items in your Birchbox.  On occasion, you are also sent extra little gifts, but in general you get five beauty samples.  Before boxes are sent out, on the 27th of the previous month, you are sent an email allowing you to pick out one sample from a group of four possibilities.  This month, I was lucky to receive a shampoo and conditioner sample on top of the other five samples I received, totalling seven samples to review and receive points for.

Another great thing about Birchbox is their points system is amazing.  Every ten points equals a dollar, and you can use points in sets of one hundred.  Since each of your items you review you get ten points for, you get at least five dollars worth of points.  You also get ten points when you use the share button for twitter or facebook once your box is revealed on the website.  With the points system, your box only ends up costing four dollars at the most(sometimes even less), so while many of the samples are small it is definitely worth it. 

Now on to May 2015's Birchbox review!  Don't forget to check out the coupon code at the end of this blog post!

My first sample, this primer works really well and greatly reduces pore size.  I use it mostly around my T-Zone and it has actually started to reduce my pores size even until well after use.  Overall I love this product, and this may end up being my go to primer!

I love peels and mask, and while this is not a mask it is a great, easy to use, peel that works fast and has lasting effects.  The sample was way too small in my opinion, but I really loved how soft and smooth my skin felt after I used this peel.  Since it only takes three minutes to use this peel, it can be much more convenient compared to other peels I use.  The price tag is a little much for me though, and I have other peels I love just as much, but at a smaller price.  Overall, a fun sample to get.

At first I did not pay this cream much attention, but after using it I was pleasantly surprised!  Since it creates a gentle, cooling sensation, this cream is a great pick me up in the morning that wakes you up and makes you ready for the day! Though I like this product, I think it may be awhile before I need a new day cream.

This was a wonderful surprise as it is full size and the full size price is $18.00!  I love when I get an item that pays for the box itself. This eyeliner works well, and I love adding a new color to my eyeliner collection!  With easy application and long lasting effects, this new eyeliner is a new staple in my collection!

By far my favorite item in this months Birchbox, I have just discovered my new favorite hair care line.  With a sample of the Restore Instant Repair Lotion came samples of Living Proof. Restore Shampoo and Conditioner.  These were a wonderful surprise and not listed individually on the Birchbox information card.  Since using this line my hair had been thicker, shiner, and just overall healthier.  Having a chronic illness, things like my hair and nails are very fragile and I am always looking for products that can help remedy those problems.  I can say that I will be placing an order for this amazing hair care line very soon!

Birchbox May 2015 Unboxing:

And lastly, your Coupon Code!  Get $5.00 off your first month of Birchbox, just use code BB50OFF.  That means you get your first month for $5.00!  Thank you for reading my review and watching my unboxing video!  Hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to posting more unboxing videos and reviews!

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